#1 - Smart Casual For Saturday Morning

Saturday, January 23, 2016

It's Izz saying Good Day to all the peaceful and wonderful people out there. So today I am going with a smart casual look. It is my first time to talk something about fashion so this is so exciting [*-(^.^)/*]

 I always find it challenging to combine elements when putting together a smart casual attire but I think I am doing pretty well on this one. So as you can see, I am wearing a nice button-up neutral colour shirt (from: Topman) together with a bleached-wash slim jeans (from: Next). I also use a waist long light weight light grey jumper (from: River Island). For my shoes, I chose a nice casual boot (from: Lee Cooper) and for accessory I use a black face, black strap watch (from: Emporio Armani) to complete the look.

What makes this outfit look smart is the button up shirt. The colour is also quite formal and light which I really like. It gives a fresh look suitable for Saturday morning. The jumper and jeans contributes to the casual look I am trying to combine. The materials are cool and comfortable which go nicely together with the shirt.

Guys, for me this pair of boots is the most valuable buy ever! It fits really well with almost all jeans that I have and it is so comfortable. Especially in the UK where the weather is always unpredictable (like seriously, in Aberdeen it is almost always wet and grey.. ok come to think about it, it is predictable then haha), this pair of boots is so practical, durable, comfortable and most importantly it looks so cool! (♥)

I am also in love with this piece of watch. It is so light and compliment me so well. I am a slim guy and sometimes getting the right watch is always so difficult. It is a simple design (you can also see my phone in the reflection there, excuse!) and practical to use day to day. It is also quite affordable and definitely a good investment.

Ok that is all for today's post. If you like more post about fashion, let me know! I am more than happy to share some of the styles and looks I go for.

See you guys later! Au revoir

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