10 foods that I ♥ the most in Malaysia

Monday, January 25, 2016

Here are 10 foods that I  the most in Malaysia:

1. Nasi Lemak Kari Ayam (Coconut rice served with chicken curry)

Credit: Paparich Malaysia

For those that come to Malaysia this is a 100% must. Every time I go home this is the first thing I hunt for. The combination is perfect and you can adjust the spice (depending on which restaurant or recipe you use). I don't really like spicy food because it  makes my head itchy!

2. Roti Canai (a type of flatbread)

Credit: www.fuwakitchen.com
Old time favourite! Who doesn't love a good Roti Canai! Even the basic one (without any additions of eggs, etc) is super good. I usually eat it during breakfast time with my family. But any time can be a time for Roti Canai.

3. Ikan Patin Masak Lemak Tempoyak (Shark catfish cooked with Tempoyak)

Credit: denai.my
I don't think you can really translate what tempoyak is. Any clue guys? But whatever it is in English this is definitely in my top 10. If you are from Pahang specifically Temerloh, you guys know what I am talking about! Super amazing ok. Full stop. (btw this is not a real shark, it is a native fish originated from the South-east Asia river)

4. Nasi Ayam Salwana (Salwana Chicken Rice)

Credit: www.seriouseats.com

Oh my god, my mouth is literally watering right now. I love this so much. If you are wondering what or actually who Salwana is, it is my mom. Haha, She make THE BEST like ever chicken rice in the whole entire universe. Unfortunately the picture above is not from her. But I promise you, THE BEST.

5. Rendang Daging (Beef Rendang)

Credit: www.recipeshubs.com
Like, do I even need to say more? This is the most unique thing that you will ever ever tasted in the whole galaxy. I can't even compare the texture, taste, aroma and beauty with any other dishes. Definitely something that you need to try if you haven't. We usually eat rendang more often during Hari Raya (Eid). It takes quite a long while to cook but any time can be a rendang time ;)

6. Apam (Steam muffin)

Credit: www.chikumarisa.com
Now I am moving to desert. This is called Apam. I am breathless, please help me, I need oxygen mask. I love this cute little thing. I don't know if you can call it a steam muffin but whatever it is, I am just dying for it. Especialy when you eat it with grated coconut. Yum!

7. Karipap (Currypuff)

Credit: diskopi.wordpress.com

This beautiful creation is da bom! Like seriously. A snack that you definitely need to fall in love to. Simply amazing. I know how to make one now so if you want some, come over to my house! (I am joking guys)

8. Putu Mayam (String Hoppers)

Credit: asianinspirations.com.au
This is truly a perfection. Sweet, tender, simple but perfect. You eat it with Gula Melaka (a sort of brown sugar). I really can't describe to you how great this taste. Usually you can get it from Pasar Malam (night market) but you can also make it yourself at home! All you need is a good steamer! and of course the rest of the ingredient. 

9. Tepung pelita (Double-layered Rice Flour Dessert)

Credit: www.tripadvisor.com
The flavour is a combination of rich and sweet. Such a beautiful taste and smell. Especially when you scoop it out of the pandan leaf around it. Simply perfect.

10. Satay

Credit: www.mummyicancook.com
Give me a tissue because I am crying! This is like super great and awesome. Satay! You can choose chicken, beef, deer, rabbit etc for satay (although chicken and beef being the most popular). Together with peanut sauce, cucumber and ketupat (cubic compacted rice), your life is complete. 

Obviously there are so many other fantastic super amazing foods that I would love to put into the list. But here are my top 10. I can't wait to go home this weekend and eat every single one of these yummies. Hopefully you are hungry! I am going to eat it on behalf of you :p 


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