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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I really enjoy shopping. I think it is a great way to relax and also to keep up with the latest trend. I am not the most knowledgeable in fashion - definitely not, but I like to think that I am quite resourceful when giving opinions. It is pretty cool when you have someone asking you to go out and shopping with them because in a way it does mean that they appreciate your views. 

Anyway, just today I had been contacted by a lovely lady from Malaysia (client information is to be kept confidential, haha). Let us just call her Ashy. Basically Ashy had been in the UK recently with her family and she quite like 'Primark' [www.primark.com/en] because the price is very reasonable and they have good options to choose from especially for kids. Now Ashy is already back at home in Malaysia. She was wondering if I would be interested to buy some things for her and I said with excitement, "Yes!". 

I said yes because I have always wanted to experience what is it like to be a personal shopper. I said yes because I have never done this before. I said yes because I really like buying things. The main reason I said yes was because Ashy is cool.

So this afternoon, there I was with my phone, snapping pictures of shirts, jeans, T-shirts and accessories based on the preferences described by Ashy. We used 'Whatsapp' to communicate about the price and for me to suggest some items to her. I can imagine it must be quite a cool experience for Ashy as well. While for me, I really enjoyed doing it Haha. I like hunting and focusing my eyes on attractive items. 

After Primark, I went to the tourism shop to buy her some Scottish key chains and also baby bottles from Tommee Tippee. (They are not in the picture)

So today was an interesting experience. At the end of the day I showed Ashy of all the items (the picture above) and the total price. It was a very good buy for her! So she was very satisfied with the service and I am very satisfied  to be her personal shopper. 

Hopefully I get more chances in the future to do more. 

So guys, what are you waiting for? Just ask Izz to be your Personal Shopper today! 

Have a nice day :)


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