Story Time with Izz : Awkward Moment

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I was a part of a committee member that organised a society event last year. It was a 2-day conference on global health related subject (Go GH!). Basically we invited some speakers to give some talks and facilitate workshops.

However, (I wasn't sure about the rest of the team but) I for sure was not well informed who would be officiating the ceremony. So as the registration desk cleared up and all the participants went to get some breakfast, I decided to get a nice cup of coffee for myself. 

Next to me, I saw a lady. A slightly more senior looking than the rest of us helping herself with a coffee as well. She seemed so oddly familiar. I remembered she was talking to our president a few moment ago but I didn't really think it was that important until after I made an awkward mistake. 

Because I put a lot of pressure to myself to be sociable and talk to everyone [Thumbs Up], I started a conversation with her hoping for a nice simple, I repeat: SIMPLE chat before the event started.

Do you guys want to know what happen? Kindly follow the conversation below:

Me: "Hello there, such a good turnout today isn't it?" [First mistake]

Lady: "Oh yes, it is nice to see a bunch of bright committed young people participating in this programme today."

Me: "Sure is, (social laughter). Sorry, I didn't get the chance to ask your name?" [Second mistake]

Lady: (a bit in disbelief) "I am Mary Poppins" not her actual name if you haven't noticed

Me: Ahhhh alright. nice to meet you, I am Izzuddin.... 

By this time I kind of knew I am in a shit hole. I mean she just stopped the conversation by a sentence and sounded a bit authoritative too. In my head I was like, "Izz, are you suppose to know who she is?" but I continued the conversation further, which was to be honest digging in self-trap even deeper.

Me: So, where are you from? *way to go Izz*

Lady (possible internal monologue) : what an awkward question

 Lady: Aberdeen. 

Me: Ahh cool. Are all of your family here? *face palm*

Lady: Yeah... Well I am trying to convince my daughter to come to Aberdeen University to study Medicine. She much prefer staying in Glasgow though.

Me: Ohh really? (I dont know where she is getting at with this but oh well) Ahh I think the medical course here is really good.. (bla bla bla explaining the whole course from first year to fifth)..[Third mistake] But maybe she just want to be away to see some colours (awkward social laughter). Plus I heard Medical school in Glasgow is excellent 

Lady: Well Uni of Aberdeen is the top medical school in Scotland (starting to be a bit defensive). I think maybe because it is a bit weird for her having HER MUM WORKING in the medical school HERE.

Lady (internal monologue): I am trying to give you a hint you fudging little smudge. You can't remember shit about me. Going to make this really hard for you.

Me (internal monologue): Fuck. I knew that I should've known her! She must be the one representing our university to officiate this event. I am screwed. Better cover my ass.

Me: Yeah of course (faking a sincere smile). Oh yes I have a question, can you tell me more about the remote and rural programme in fifth year? I heard it is quite interesting.

Lady (internal monologue): You cover your ass huh? Lucky mustard. 

Me (internal monologue): Good one Izz, phew.


We then talked a little bit more before the event started. Everyone took their seats and the chairman introduced Mrs Poppin simultaneously showing her position in the medical school on the slide show. She then gave a short welcoming speech and left. *I was sitting in front of the screen gagging*

2 days had passed but the awkwardness was still buried deep inside my soul (not really). I felt a little disturbed about it and it made me feel more uncomfortable after realising that she was my surgeon in one of my medical block! I was with her for a few full days but I had forgotten who she was... Awkward.

Luckily I haven't seen her again since. 

I know it isn't a bit deal guys but there are some lessons to this story.

1. If you don't know someone, introduce yourself first. Then you can expect them to introduce themselves.

2. Gage who they are and stick to a general topic when making conversation. Maybe subject related to the event or function you are attending.

3. If you are not sure, just don't start talking and digging more trap holes for yourself.

Haha. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Remember, if you don't know what to say, just don't say anything!


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