Umi and Abah

Friday, January 29, 2016

I call both of my parents Umi and Abah. Both names are adapted from the Arabic language which mean Mum and Dad. They are amazing people who have brought me into this world.

My Dad is an inspirational person. He is ambitious, brave and determine. Almost all my life, I knew him as someone who would never stop working. For him, life is just too short for us to waste and his ultimate aim is to contribute back to the society in the best way he possibly can.

I remember the time when my Dad would tell us bed time stories every night, take us to the beach and playgrounds, buy new colourful bags, teach us how to swim (although he can't swim himself) and take us for vacations.

My Mum is strong and patient. She dedicates her life as a teacher so that the future generations can grow and flourish. She also took care of all seven of us when we were younger. She cooked amazing meals, taught us how to read, listened to our stories and always made us feel comfortable.

I look up to my Mum because she has a great heart. She took care of my grandmother and worked very hard to support her. She is protective and always wants to make sure that you are safe. I feel that there are still so much more that I need to learn about my Mum. She always surprises me with something new about her.

I am thankful to have them both Umi and Abah as my parents. I think they are amazing and I would not have the life and opportunities that I have today without them. No matter where I am or who will I become, Umi and Abah will always have a special place in my heart.


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