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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Here is a list of countries that I have visited so far in the last 3 years:



I went to France with Louis for 3 weeks. He is from Paris and we travelled around France (From Reims to Niort to Paris to Les Angles). Les Angles is a place where we went for ski for a week. Amazing experience! 


This is a train station in Amsterdam. A really calm city I think and I love it so much. But definitely need to go back to explore more


Ethiopia is an amazing country. This is me with Derso, a good friend that has shown me around Bahir Dar while I was there for 2 weeks. I went there mainly to conduct an audit on safe surgery. It was an experience that I will never forget. They have an amazing coffee.


With my two bros in Bangkok. We were shocked when random strangers splashed water at us when we arrived. Oblivious to the Songkran Festival happening at the time but we enjoyed every single moment of it.

UK (Scotland)

Haha obviously as I live in Scotland! This picture of Edinburgh Castle was taken when I went there to celebrate new year (2015) with Khai, Supersub (Subba) and Pei Sin. Superb! The Torch Parade was the highlight. 



At home back in Kuantan. There is no place like it. My favourite hang out place especially on Sunday morning after breakfast.


This was taken in Spain. From the left, Melanie Amaro, Khai, Jabbar and Me. We went to Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona. Super stunning. I would really love to live in Barcelona one day. One of my favourite. Good memories in Zaragoza. I miss these guys. 



Again with my 2 bros (Iqbal and Irfan). This is Irfan and behind him is an active volcano! It was our first trip together. So cool. We saw many cool things and it coincided with their independence day at the time too. We went to Jakarta - Bandung - Yogjakarta. Yogyakarta was the best for me. The place is so nice and very clean I think.  


Czech Republic



Basically I went to central Europe (the above 4 countries) with my BFF - Melanie Amaro and Ikhwan aka ikh ikh. How I miss them so so much. They both are amazing and our 2 weeks trip was absolutely memorable! I remember being exhausted but on the same time feeling great! 


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