I'm Locked

Friday, February 26, 2016

God created me the same way he created everyone else,
With a soul searching for the right door to open,
That leads to Him,
So I could complete myself and find happiness,
For only with him that I can live for eternity.

I wish I can ask God if he is listening,
Why do You make me choose in the first place?
Don't You think to choose is not a choice?
But I am scared that He might tell me,
I have never intended for you to be free.

If God is the most merciful,
I hope He spares some of his mercy to the evil,
As I do not wish to be a blasphemous baby,
Who is destined to be lost,
So as for others who have never asked to be.

When I look around me,
I see faces of innocence,
Wanting to be wanted,
But they are cursed to be hated,
By the mortals who have forgotten,
That God has created them just like He created you and me.

When I am scared and fearful, 
That is when it is the easiest,
For me to play,
On a stage full of audience,
Clapping their hands and laughing,
Because I have given them the pleasure they are seeking.

Though humans can't be God on the same time,
Are they any different if both give you the choice,
to choose only the right door,
And to not choose isn't a choice,
Because choice is never a choice.


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