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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hey guys,

Ian Charles Hospital, Grantown-On-Spey
I am just about to finish my GP block. I was sent to a small village (or a town) located in the highlands called Grantown-On-Spey. Spent about 4 weeks there to shadow 6 GPs and other healthcare professionals in the practice. So typical day would involve me going to the morning meeting at 8:30am where a group of appointed GPs will discuss out-of-hour patients seen by the on-call GP/nurses. Then I will either go to one of the surgery and observe consultations or I will shadow professionals like dietician, physiotherapist, nurses, optician, pharmacist, midwife and healthcare assistant. After lunch I will be attached to one of the duty doctor where I would have to go for home visits if required.

This practice is quiet rural (cater 5000 patients) though not as small as some other places. Because I lived there only by myself, I did feel quite isolated in some ways. The good thing is it made me appreciate Aberdeen a lot more and my friends of course. So, although I felt a bit sad leaving the practice, I am also quite happy to see my friends again. I am now in Inverness as I will have my next attachment here.

This weekend I am off to Cyprus for a week of holiday/revision ( yeah as if that would happen). Going to meet L. It will be so much fun. I do miss L quite a lot especially because I haven't seen L for so long now. So that would be fun.

Also, I just got my summer holiday sorted out! I am going to travel to Italy and Germany with my brother Irfan. It will be so exciting :) We are going for a backpacking adventure for more than 3 weeks. Then Irfan will go back to Malaysia while I am going to continue my vacation in France for another week. I am so looking forward for summer holiday.

Of course before all the excitement of seeing beautiful architecture, food and history, I will need to make sure I am doing my best for my final exams. This year is the final written paper for medical school, so it is a pretty serious business! My strategy is to go through a lot of past year questions and just go through everything. I need to plan my day better and make sure I use my time as effectively as possible.

Wish me all the best!

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