Done with 4th year!

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Yesterday marked my official resignation from 4th year MBChB. I passed all my exams and I am very pleased with the results. I think this year was definitely challenging, eye-opening and significant to me out of all the 3 years of reading medicine. Now, I have a much better insight of who I want to be and what I am passionate about. 

My best friend from high school, Wan Fikri Hizry was with me when I found out about my results. He came from Egypt to visit his amazing friend (that is me) in this unique city of Aberdeen for 10 days. We were together since my exam ended and now he is already on the plane going back to a place completely different from what I am already used to. If you are reading this Wan, I want to thank you a lot for being with me.
View from Arthur Seat with Wan
3 days from now, it will be my turn to hop on a plane for my summer adventure to Italy, Germany and France. I decided not to go back to Malaysia. Instead, I want to travel with lovely brother Irfan to learn about new places, new people and new foods. Not to forget, to learn more about my brother and truthfully about myself. 

Not going home was a deliberate choice. A sad but a conscious choice. I missed spending hari raya with my family for the second time, the first was last year when I was in Ethiopia. Perhaps it was  selfish of me but at the same time I know that I am just not ready (or fearful rather) to face what I perceived as former realities. The first stanza from my most favourite poem of all time Si Tenggang's Homecoming explained this better than even myself:

the physical journey that I traverse
is the journey of the soul,
transport of the self from a fatherland
to a country collected by sight and mind.
the knowledge the sweats from it
is estranger's experience,
from one who had learnt to see, reflect
and choose between
the challenging actualities.

I am very excited to meet my brother and also Louis in France. May this holiday be a meaningful one. That is always something that I look forward to discover - meaning.


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