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Saturday, October 22, 2016

My first block of this year has come to an end. It was such an amazing experience. Definitely a step up from previous years by far. I am more involved in the team - doing works, making decisions, monitoring patients, all the exciting stuffs in actually doing what you have learnt so far through out medical school.

Being a medical student, I realised that the focus of my training is not to have the most sound medical knowledge or to be the an expert in any specialities. Rather to have a good grasp on the fundamental components of patient management i.e. identifying patients that require admission, be a good history taker, able to conduct reasonable examination, working in a team, knowing how the ward/hospital system works etc. Of course medical knowledge is the centre of it all but it doesn't stand alone on it's own. I need to be competent in the other complementary components too to make it work.

Since it was a busy ward relative to the number of staffs, I got the chance to do many things which was an excellent opportunity. My seniors also gave me an extremely good compliments in which I feel I didn't deserve but openly accept and thank them. It gives me confidence and drive to be better in what I do. So I hope they know it meant a lot.

Next, Looking forward to psychiatry! I am sure it will be exciting.

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