Sunday, December 25, 2016

I am writing in the city of Istanbul in a reasonable one-bedroom flat located very close to fish restaurants. Whenever I go out every morning to start my day with my travel buddies (Subba, Khai and Muneer) we are 'greeted' by the waitresses who are very persistent in convincing us that their restaurant is the best in the city. Of course after the 3rd day they gave up, possibly after knowing that all of us are broke students.

The prices of foods in Istanbul are relatively cheap for European standards and the options are plentiful! I think that is one experience that I love the most by being here. To eat amazing foods without having to make a hole in my wallet. Namely Iskender, Kofte, Doners, Pilav, Balik Ekmek and Menemen in no particular order. Of course I also drink A LOT of chay (tea) and Turkish coffee.

Not to ever forget Baklava and Turkish Delights.

I was not so keen on Turkish sweets before I came to Turkey. I didn't like the Turkish Delights particularly because I thought it was too sweet and strong for my liking. Oh boy was I wrong! After I was exposed to the real Baklava and Turkish Delights (not the one sold in supermarkets etc), it was like a revival for me. It is like tasting a piece of heaven. So, if you want to feel what I feel, please do visit Haci Bekir, Niyazi Efendi and Hafiz Mustafa as they sell top-notch quality stuffs.

Istanbul is a place filled with amazing histories. From the Greek empire to the Roman and Ottoman, you can only imagine the rich cultural values that the city had pulled in. From the architecture to the political system, everything is just so unique. The intricate interior designs of the Blue Mosque and the strong Theodosian Wall of Constantinople are few of many incredible things that blew my mind. I am not a historian or very good at architecture but the city has definitely taught me a lot about the greatness of empires of the past and the things that we can learn from them.

I am hoping to make a video summarising my experience here. Hopefully I will be able to get it done soon. So I will not spoil any further. Later guys.


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