i failed but I tried

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

In mid-December I went for a job interview for an academic/doctor post in Nottingham. It is quite a unique post for junior doctors who are interested in research as they will be given a period of protected time to conduct research. The post that I applied for was specific on leadership and management.

The reason I chose that field was because of my interest in hospital management. As a medical student, I have observed consultants, nurses, junior doctors and other healthcare workers across different areas of medicine and every one of that department will have some sort of managerial issues of their own. These issues are administrative in nature but have an impact on the efficiencies  of clinical management.

It doesn't have to be big, issues such as poor arrangements of procedural items (gauze, syringe, needles, etc.) could delay time for a procedure to take place or beds with no name displayed could lead to patient's misidentification. There are also other operational things such as getting the right bleep number or knowing clearly who is on which rotation.

Other bigger managerial issues such as long waiting time for medically fit patient in the hospital awaiting for social care, inter-professional miscommunication, low staff morale and motivations and a whole lot of other aspects are also a part of that. I find these topics both important and interesting.

I have read some research papers suggesting clinicians and non-clinicians who work on the ground are already in a hybrid role of a manager. The fact is healthcare workers are involved in day-to-day management such as prioritising tasks, allocating jobs and suggesting ideas. It is refreshing to have this realisation and empower ourselves with this role so that we continue improving the system.

I will only going to start working in August (fingers crossed!) so hopefully you can understand my idealism and enthusiasm in contributing to a change. This was why I applied for the post because I thought it could be a good platform for me to start. A good momentum.

The not so good news is I didn't get the post. It was competitive. I am sure the candidates that were chosen are talented and well-deserved.

The good news is, this is the beginning and I will continue to find other opportunities for me to achieve my ambition.

A true failure is when you fail to try. At least I have tried.

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