Post-exam feeling

Monday, May 22, 2017

I just finished my FINAL medical exam last week. Probably one of my most intense exam so far. I don't really think because it is difficult (which it is undeniably challenging), but I think it is the expectations from myself and people who support my journey to become a doctor that make it so stressful.

I never really dreamt of becoming a doctor. Especially since my dad himself is a doctor, the idea of being one isn't necessarily a novel one - hence I am more open to careers other than a doctor. However, here I am graduating from a medical school in a month time and will start working as a doctor officially at the end of July this year.

My younger self in preparatory college before coming to the UK. I still look the same.

If my younger self ask me in an interview the question of "why do you want to become a doctor?" I will probably still be a bit clueless on the answer. I am starting to realise the answer to that question isn't really essential. I see being a doctor as a gate to more opportunities in learning more in the future - to understand more about human being. For me, it is not the end goal.

I know a lot of people will probably say "hey you haven't really started the job yet", "you are still too amateur  to be thinking about what you are going to become". "why are you always want to make things complicated", or at least "I don't really care" - all of which are absolutely relevant remarks. I agree with them too.

What I do know for sure is I am excited to start a new life far away from Aberdeen caring for the ill. I know I will enjoy working with other healthcare professionals and my patients. I enjoy making connections with people. If I come to that, I know my focus in the next few years is to strengthen my application of knowledge. On the same time, I am looking forward for more opportunities to develop myself as a leader in healthcare industry.

That post-exam feeling though..

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